ABC Crane Hire boasts one of the finest records in crane lifting safety

When our expert workers are in action, safety is always paramount in determining the match and suitability of a crane for each project. The Australian Industry has strict Occupational Health and Safety or OHS guidelines, which must all times be complied with.

To make certain all industry standards are duly maintained, all of our cranes and equipment are routinely serviced, with regular maintenance and safety checks as part of our standard protocols.

Lift planning, analysis and site study and scrutiny are indispensable practices, and our highly skilled teams are more than well-equipped to tackle even the most complex and difficult lift. This is because our operators are experienced. They possess relevant certificates of competence to operate cranes of all sizes, with some even having dogging or rigging certificates.

For your crane hire Perth WA services, simply go with the best. We would be glad to be a part of your next or ongoing project. Call us at (08) 9524 5502 or send us an email at