Working at the construction site has become so easy now. Not to forget, the flexibility that comes along with it while performing the construction tasks, excavation and lifting various heavy equipment. Thanks to the invention of cranes, these complex yet amazing machines can quickly transport large and heavy objects from one location to another without breaking a sweat. Besides, not one crane is similar to the other. Each crane utilizes a unique mechanism that sets one crane equipment apart from the other. While there are various types of cranes designed to meet different needs, one of the most popular types of cranes used in the construction field is all-terrain cranes. By hiring all-terrain cranes in Perth, you can easily work in any kind of environment and complete your construction project successfully.

All terrain cranes stand out for their versatility and can be highly beneficial for any project. The biggest advantage of using this type of crane is that it can operate in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. But are there any other reasons which make all-terrain cranes a popular choice for construction activities? Let’s find out!

All-Terrain Cranes – Features That Make Them Ideal for Construction Projects

1.Excellent mobility: When it comes to mobility, no other crane can beat all-terrain cranes on this aspect. All-terrain cranes utilize an all-wheel suspension and steering unit. This is the primary reason that enables this mighty equipment to move across sand, gravel and asphalt. The ability to operate on various ground conditions gives all-terrain cranes an edge while handling the construction tasks; even if the areas are inaccessible, you can count on the power of mobility of an all-terrain crane to complete the tasks efficiently, without difficulty.

2. Amazing lifting capacity: What’s a crane most commonly used for? To lift the heaviest construction equipment and transport it, right? When deciding what type of crane is best suitable for your requirements, one of the crucial factors to consider is the crane’s lifting capacity. As already said earlier, all-terrain cranes are versatile and it’s proven through their varied lifting capacities. It’s because this type of crane operates with a combination of booms, creating a completely functional system.

By using an all-terrain crane, you can reduce the transportation cost significantly because of their quad organization that has a single cylinder in the boom structure. Whether you want to lift 90 tonnes or 1000 tonnes, you can find all-terrain cranes in Perth with various load capacities.

3.High speed and great efficiency: Every construction project has a time frame within which it must be completed. But if your crane operates as slowly as a tortoise, it can become quite difficult to meet the deadline. Fortunately, if you’re working with an all-terrain crane, you don’t have to worry about the speed and all the tasks can be completed in the shortest possible time. Besides, all-terrain cranes can be quickly set up and ensure convenience while navigating inaccessible areas. If you’re hiring a crane rental service from ABC Crane Hire, you can find all-terrain cranes with various travel speeds – 50kph, 80km/h, 84kmph and more.

Another incredible attribute of all-terrain cranes is their efficiency. These cranes can lift the heaviest load quickly and move from one place to another with much-needed efficiency. Unlike rough-terrain cranes that require several trucks for hauling, all-terrain cranes need only one truck for transporting the counterweight and other loads. When a crane has commendable lifting ability, mobility and speed, it’s no wonder why it can perform all kinds of lifting tasks with maximum efficiency.

Wrapping up: All-terrain cranes are undoubtedly the first choice if you have to work at remote construction sites with no road access. These cranes have wide and varied applications like installation of gas and oil pipelines, lifting heavy pre-cast concrete panels, installation of wind turbines and more. All-terrain cranes are one of the most mobile, efficient and versatile cranes today. Flexibility is the key to accomplishing your construction goals and innovative lifting machines like all-terrain cranes are the best fit for this purpose.

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