Over the years, the construction industry has significantly benefitted with the emergence of various crane types. From working in narrow spaces to locations that have an irregular topography, you can find cranes that will fulfil all your requirements completely. Besides the construction industry, cranes are also used in the transport, mining and cargo sectors. However, what makes the cranes an integral part of the construction industry more than the others is their ability to lift and transfer the heaviest weight from one site to another.

Cranes are machines designed to lift heavy loads and reduce manual labour; they are composed of pulleys, ropes, cables, etc and other parts that make them suitable to execute the lifting tasks seamlessly. However, there are different crane models available for crane hire in Perth, that come with exclusive features and configurations. One of the most sought-after cranes in the construction sector is all-terrain cranes.

What are all-terrain cranes?

As the name suggests, all-terrain cranes come with the special feature of being able to operate on all kinds of terrain, rough or smooth. Besides, these cranes can even function in all types of weather conditions. Their capacity to pick up the heaviest load and fast-moving features are just the tip of the iceberg!

Interested to know more about the brighter side of hiring all-terrain cranes? Read it all below.

1.Fast and Efficient:In the construction industry, there is a huge demand for cranes that can move quickly from one location to another quite conveniently. Furthermore, the crane must be efficient too. And an all-terrain crane perfectly fits the bill – this type of crane can move quickly and efficiently at the same time. In comparison to rough terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes can move even at a speed of 90 km per hour. That’s not the end – only one truck is required by all-terrain cranes for towing the weight or other objects. No wonder why operators for crane hire in Perth associate all-terrain cranes with powerful mobilization.

2.Outstanding lifting capacity:Are you looking for a crane that will lift your bridge beams and heavy construction modules proficiently? Hiring all-terrain cranes will certainly be an excellent choice. These cranes are composed of integrated booms that result in a convenient setup process. To erect an all-terrain crane, there is no need of using any auxiliary cranes, thereby saving your erection and transportation costs. Most of the recent all-terrain cranes possess features like a four-section boom and single cylinder due to which only one section is extended whenever the need for a lifting operation arises. Besides, these cranes have an integrated heavy-duty jib that facilitates two hook operations. Such features enable the all-terrain cranes to lift weights between 50-1000 tonnes and some models can even reach a height of 200 meters.

3.Compact design: Like your favourite mobile cranes, even all-terrain cranes flaunt a compact design and this is why there are no mobility issues when an all-terrain crane is used. You can access a construction site without difficulty should you use an all-terrain crane.

Conclusion: All-terrain cranes certainly shines bright along with the other crane types. Besides these features, you have other factors like adaptability and durability to bank upon when hiring this type of crane. To make a long story short, using an all-terrain crane to accomplish your construction goals would add fuel to the entire process and perhaps, you can save some bucks too!

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