Operating a crane safely on an extremely windy day or during the coldest winter months is a big challenge. With the ice freezing on the various components of the equipment, it can invite the possibility of fatal on-site hazards and disaster. Likewise, the threat of such accidents doesn’t seem to be any lesser when it comes to crane operation in extremely hot weather. The high temperatures, heat and humidity all together create a new set of challenges for not only the crane operator but the staff as well. If not addressed properly, mishaps could occur leading to loss of lives and property thereby causing a delay in your construction work.

Conducting a safe crane operation under high temperatures is difficult and entails a huge risk. Not that it affects the function of your cranes only, but the health of you and your staff is also in danger. So this summer, let us ensure safer shutdown crane services in Perth by following a few crucial rules.

Operating Cranes Safely During Summer 

  1. Don’t park your cranes under the sun: Parking your cranes directly under the sun increases the temperature of your lifting equipment. This can render damage to the seat and other parts that are directly exposed to the powerful sun rays. To prevent such damages, it is highly advisable to park your crane under shade. In case there is no such facility, always have a few sheets of tarpaulin in your stock. These fire-resistant waterproof polyethylene sheets serve as an excellent alternative to ensure crane safety from heat. Use them to cover the crane and prevent heat-related damages.
  • Is the crane suitable for working in hot weather?   The main reason why considering the safety factors is essential is because you want to avoid accidents at all cost. But if you are operating a crane that is not designed to endure heat, you could be making a mistake. When engaging shutdown crane services in Perth, make sure you hire cranes that come with adequate cooling options and is designed to work in high environmental temperatures. Now a days, crane models built with added heat-resistant features ensure your construction work continues without any halt or delays. These cranes provide seamless maneuvering experience when used for transporting heavy loads or lifting them. Let the temperature soar to 40°C, with these cranes, nothing can stop you from finishing your project on time.
  • Damaged & broken parts? Schedule a crane repair service: Before using a crane, inspect for any wear and tear in the parts like rope, wheels, axis, gears, among others. If you come across such blatant signs of damage, don’t overlook or postpone. Schedule a maintenance service to replace/repair the broken parts and restore the crane’s condition. Damage inflicted due to heat is a common occurrence and is not a reason to worry. Trouble arises when the inspection is done inappropriately and the crane is operated despite its defective state. Practice extra caution before operating a crane and do your bit to reduce the risk of any heat-related hazard.

Conclusion: Operating cranes during the summer heat is difficult and dangerous. But does that mean you can’t undertake any construction project in hot summer months? Of course not! With adequate precaution and safety measures, you can engage shutdown crane services in Perth and keep heat-related on-site accidents under check. To know more about our services, visit us on https://www.abccranehire.com.au/crane-hire/

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