As you’re engaged with construction project requirements consistently, you require large pieces of equipment that will help you to complete the job with efficiency. As you need cranes from time to time, you might think of purchasing the machinery once and for all. Perhaps doing so would relieve you from the distress of finding a reliable crane rental company all the time.

But hold on a second. Do you realise that purchasing cranes is a far more expensive option? Surely, owning crane machinery is an appealing thought but think about the cost of repair, service and regular maintenance.

Do you have proper storage to keep the cranes secure?

Do you have enough budget to accommodate the expenses of keeping your crane in top-notch condition?

Purchasing a crane may seem to be a cost-effective option but temporarily. Here’s why you should hire cranes for your next construction project rather than buying them.

Why Hiring Construction Cranes for Your Next Project is the Best Course of Action

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  1. It saves your money: Purchasing cranes is a pricey affair and this fact is indeed cast in iron. Modern crane models generally come within a 6 to 7 figure price and once you buy them, the tariff for repairing, maintenance and storage is even more.

    On the contrary, when you rent a crane from a trustworthy crane rental company, all you need to do is pay the service charges. For the maintenance and repair costs, the crane rental professionals are there to take care of that. You neither have to worry about other miscellaneous expenses like fuel, licensing, and insurance policies as you don’t own it.
  2. Get any type of crane you need: Cranes are arguably one of the most diverse pieces of construction equipment available today. There is a crane for every kind of job, you see. There’s the mobile crane; to travel across rough and smooth terrain, there’s the all-terrain crane and a crane that’s exclusively designed to traverse across uneven surfaces, there’s the rough terrain crane.

    Now, if you don’t own a vast fleet of construction cranes, you may encounter circumstances when you don’t have the right equipment for a specific purpose. By contacting a crane rental company that maintains a diverse fleet of modern cranes, like ABC Crane Hire, you’ll heave a sigh of relief as you can access an assorted variety of modern cranes, including mobile, rough terrain and all-terrain cranes, as per your needs.
  3. Crane companies can offer licensed operators: Another thing you don’t have to worry about when working with crane companies in Perth or elsewhere is how to find a certified operator. Operating a crane follows a notably different procedure and you certainly want a licensed, qualified personnel to handle it.

    When hiring the services of a construction crane company, you don’t only rent a crane but also get a qualified crane operator. They have the appropriate credentials, necessary experience and demonstrable expertise to handle a crane and ensure the safety of your worksite.

    From creating a checklist to conducting the safety assessment of the crane before use, a crane operator performs a vast list of activities, which isn’t possible if the operator lacks the required experience and expertise.

Final words: Time is money for your construction business, isn’t it? Crane rental companies also have a reputation for helping construction business owners to save a great deal of time by handling the setting up procedure of the cranes, conducting necessary repairs, bringing the crane to the worksite and returning to storage, among others. Having said that, these are not the only advantages of renting construction cranes. ABC Crane Hire stands out for providing top-notch crane rental services for construction projects in Perth and surrounding areas. As the best crane rental company, we offer high-quality crane models for rent at cost-effective rates. To get a free quote, reach us on

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