Cranes are the equipment that you’ll likely to use when it comes to lifting and transporting heavy materials at a construction site. Rather than purchasing cranes, construction and industrial firms are making the most of crane rental services for the slew of benefits that are provided. If you want to save both time and money while speeding up the completion of your construction project, nothing is better than engaging the services of the best crane rental company. Apart from being an economical option, a crane rental service also provides you with a licensed operator who is trained to operate the equipment and deal with any on-site emergency when operating the crane. This means by hiring a crane and a trained operator, you don’t need to train your team members to operate a crane, thereby utilizing that time to complete the project.

As there are numerous crane hiring companies thriving today in the industry, it can be quite a challenge to distinguish the good crane hire company from the bad. To make things easier, we’ll reveal all the critical attributes that you must pay attention to when searching for the best crane rental service provider.

How to Choose a Reliable Crane Hire Company

1. Experience matters: The crane rental industry is in its boom, with more and more new crane hire service providers joining the competition. However, a majority of the construction firms prefer hiring established crane rental services over the start-ups, experience being the chief reason. A crane rental company with an enriching experience of 10 years will understand the various challenges of heavy lifting and address it accordingly. Moreover, such a company has already garnered a strong reputation for itself over these years from the kind of crane rental service it has provided to its customers. Don’t forget the much-needed technical expertise and inventory support of an experienced crane hire company that you can rely on.

2.A vast range of equipment: Choosing a crane rental company that maintains a large fleet of diverse lifting equipment is a bonus! For an upcoming construction project, you may require a mobile crane but in the mid-way, there is an urgent need of an all-terrain crane. What will you do? In such a situation, looking for another crane rental service provider to hire an all-terrain crane will cause a delay in completing your project. Hence, you never know which crane you may need but your crane service provider must be able to offer you the right equipment that best suits your job, at any point of time.

3.Maintenance of the cranes: This is another critical aspect that you can’t give a miss when choosing the best crane hire company. How frequently and the way they maintain their equipment is imperative to the reputation they hold. The company must strictly adhere to the established maintenance standards to offer cranes in first-class conditions. Make sure they follow routine inspections as it ensures the machine is well-maintained and can perform the tasks safely on site.

4.Reasonable price: Last but not the least comes the money factor. To get the best deal, you must compare the crane rental rates of various companies. We know that premium services come at a high price but make sure you are getting everything that you’re paying for. Some crane rental companies, like us, will also provide you with a free quote. If you are getting a wide range of high-quality cranes, licensed operator, technical competence and expert advice, trust us when we say it is a crane rental service that is well-worth your money.

Conclusion: Determining the best crane rental company for your construction venture is no small feat. Understand the requirements of your project, check for the above-mentioned qualities and carry out detailed research to identify a reliable crane hire service provider. After all, only a good crane hire service can only simplify your construction tasks and help you to turn your dream structure into a reality! ABC Crane Hire is a first-class crane rental company based in Perth. We maintain an extensive range of advanced cranes that can meet all kinds of lifting requirements. To know more about our crane rental expertise, reach us on

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