All-Terrain Vs Rough Terrain Cranes

No matter what you are constructing, whether it’s a factory, bridge, building, or any other structure, hiring cranes is crucial for any construction project. Cranes make transporting heavy materials from one place to another easier and help you complete the project faster with minimal or no workplace accidents at all. Besides the construction industry, cranes are also used in the transport, mining, and cargo sectors. However, what makes the cranes an integral part of the construction industry more than the others is their ability to lift and transfer the heaviest weight from one site to another.

However, different crane models are available for crane hire that come with exclusive features and configurations. And, when it comes to all-terrain cranes in Perth vs rough terrain cranes, there is no clear winner, only differences between the two. This blog will highlight the key differences between an all-terrain and a rough terrain crane. Let’s get started!

  • What are all-terrain cranes in Perth?

Needless to say, all-terrain cranes in Perth can be called the ‘superhero’ among all the others. Why? Because it offers the maximum benefits like mobility, strong lifting capacity, speed, adjustability & agility. The biggest advantage of using this type of crane is that it can operate in various terrain and weather conditions. With lifting capacities ranging from 30 tons to over 1,000 metric tons, all-terrain cranes are commonly used to install oil and gas pipelines, the erection of wind turbines, the lifting of heavy pre-cast concrete building segments, and others construction and heavy haulage applications.

  • Advantages of using all-terrain cranes

Compact Design: Like your favourite mobile cranes, even all-terrain cranes flaunt a compact design, and this is why there are no mobility issues when an all-terrain crane is used. You can access a construction site without difficulty should you use an all-terrain crane.

Excellent Mobility: All-terrain cranes utilize an all-wheel suspension and steering unit. This is the primary reason that enables this mighty equipment to move across sand, gravel, and asphalt. The ability to operate on various ground conditions gives all-terrain cranes an edge while handling the construction tasks; even if the areas are inaccessible, you can count on the power of mobility of an all-terrain crane to complete the tasks efficiently, without difficulty.

Speed: All-terrain cranes have just the right kind of speed you need to complete your project within a stipulated timeline. With speeds sometimes going up to 55 mph, all-terrain cranes can reach a construction site with minimum or no difficulty. When selecting a crane type from your crane rental company, it is important to make sure that getting it to the site shouldn’t be a strenuous affair; all-terrain cranes not only reach sites independently but can also be operated with the required speed.

  • What are rough terrain cranes?

Rough terrain cranes are made to handle extreme situations and tricky settings. They come with a telescoping boom and outriggers to stabilize and support during lifts.

  • Advantages of using rough terrain cranes

They are Versatile: Due to their four oversized rubber tires and all-wheel drive systems, you can move more quickly around job sites than with other types of cranes. Rough terrain cranes are equipped with built-in front and rear, ‘H’ shaped stabilizers, ensuring that the crane operator will not need to worry about the level of the ground while operating.

Withstand Harsh Conditions: The crane has a hard body to make it suitable for rough and rugged terrain and also incorporates additional features that make it withstand harsh terrain conditions

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