Working at the construction sites have become so simplified than before. Whether you want to lift or transport heavy loads, it’s no more a strenuous job as it used to be. Do you think it would have been possible without a crane? Certainly not! Equipment like a crane is pivotal to any construction activity and it is not without a reason. Alongside construction, countless automotive, power plant, shipbuilding and transportation industries rely on the power of cranes when it comes to manoeuvring heavy materials. This reason can be alluded to the increased usage of shutdown crane services in Australia with mobile cranes creating the highest demand.

Cranes arguably have a constant presence at the worksite. No matter how much we take them for granted, we shouldn’t forget the dangers crane operations are associated with. Cranes can quickly become a curse from blessing when operated carelessly. With a little more caution and awareness, most of the crane accidents can be easily avoided. Let us look at some of the ways to prevent accidents and induce a safer crane operation.

Important Ways to Prevent Accidents When Hiring Shutdown Crane Services

1. Cranes should always be operated by licensed operators: As you already know, a crane is not like any ordinary car that can be operated by anyone with little practice. It is heavy machinery integrated with a complex mechanism. Someone who has undergone extensive training and possesses specialized knowledge is considered appropriate for operating a crane. Apart from being informed about the various features, operators must be well-versed with the proper safety procedures while operating a crane.

2.Make sure the ground is clear during the crane operation: This is one of the crucial tips that often go forgotten. Before beginning your crane operation, always check if the ground is clear, that is, there should be a safety perimeter around the crane and no worker should be in the vicinity of the equipment. When planning lifting operations, remember to reinforce this precaution among your workers to keep the ground free of any human interference.

3.Be aware of the electrical hazards: Crane accidents are the direct consequences when the equipment in operation makes c0ntact with power lines. This usually happens when the crane is lifting materials and the boom or hoist touches the power lines. As a consequence, the crane operator or any worker on the ground gets electrocuted.
As per the recommendations of shutdown crane services experts, creating a pre-job crane safety plan and checklist can prevent such kinds of accidents. It may not be possible for the crane operator to determine the distance between the crane and power lines at the site. A few co-workers can check this before commencing crane operation. Another tip is to de-energize the lines by contacting the power distribution company.

4.Inspect both the load and crane prior operation: No matter how well-maintained the crane looks, inspecting the equipment goes a long way in avoiding accidents. Always check the booms and cables for any cracks, wear and tear or other damages. If the equipment displays any signs of damage, it should be immediately serviced and repaired. In addition, don’t forget to check if the load is properly secured. We hope that you are aware of the crane’s load lifting capacity and the weight is not exceeding that limit.

Final thoughts: The success of a crane operation lies not only in accomplishing the task but doing so in a safe way. Ensuring a safe worksite is a collective responsibility. With cranes playing an integral role in the construction industry, the machinery can become more of a liability than a benefit when the right safety measures aren’t followed. Thus, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and operate a crane safely and efficiently. ABC Crane Hire is a leading shutdown crane services provider. The experienced crane rental company maintains a large fleet of modern cranes and provides solutions for all lifting requirements. To know more, visit or call 0895245502

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