Resources, materials and budget are all factors that determine the success of your construction project. There is also one more component whose presence is irrefutable when it comes to construction works and that is your lifting equipment – the crane. Imagine having to lift those heavy construction modules, tilt panels, etc without any crane. Life is pretty difficult, isn’t it?

Thanks to the invention of modern crane designs that lifting any heavy equipment is not an arduous task anymore. Now, you can find any type of crane according to your project requirements. But wait a minute, do you think all the crane hire companies in Perth provide top-notch services? Unfortunately NO. On searching the internet, you’ll come across hundreds of crane hire companies that can drive you to an utterly confused state. Don’t worry! After reading this blog, that won’t ever happen to you again.

Here, take a look at a few factors that will help you to pick out the right crane hire company.

Choosing the Right Crane Company

  1. Experience – When searching for crane rental companies, you will find a lot of new names in this industry among the oldest ones. The question is, should you hire the crane rental companies who are newer on the bloc? You can actually if you are satisfied after speaking to the crane service provider. On the other hand, experienced crane rental companies are into this field for many years and they know the essentials of lifting jobs. They follow a well-defined approach after comprehending your requirements. And being an experienced crane hire company, they have better exposure to the dynamics of lifting jobs.
  2. Reputation – You may find at times that experience isn’t speaking volume to you about that particular crane rental company. You will want to check out something more persuasive. And this is better done when you glance at the reviews. If maximum reviews are on the positive side, you already have the green signal in hiring the crane hire company. Also, asking your acquaintances and friends who have previously hired their services to complete their project can be of great help too.
  3. Determine their availability – Choosing crane hire companies in Perth or elsewhere is also dependent on whether their services are available for your required timeline. You may be working on a long-term project with a flexible time span or you require immediate crane hiring services, make sure the crane hire company can provide services by accommodating your timeline.
  4. Types of cranes provided – Most of the crane rental companies offer these cranes –


Mobile crane

Rough terrain

Tower crane

Crawler crane

Hydraulic crane

Since you are already aware of the kind of crane you require to expedite the accomplishment of your project, choose a crane hire company that provides the crane your project requires. On a good note, you may even find crane hire companies who’ll offer assistance regarding the crane that is best suitable for your job, in case you don’t know which crane you need.

Conclusion: Even before commencing your construction work, choosing crane hire companies in Perth or elsewhere is your first step to success. Every project manager heaves a sigh of relief after finding a crane that perfectly fits the project requirements. By remembering these factors, choosing a good crane hire company will no more be an overwhelming job again. To know more about our crane rental services, get in touch with us on

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