Are you constructing a single-story building? Or a multi-storey? Whatever construction project you have undertaken, you cannot complete it without lifting, hauling or transporting the heavy materials. And the easiest way to lift or move such heavy stuff is by using cranes. In fact, a crane is the only equipment that was invented specifically to serve the purpose of lifting and moving construction loads efficiently and with maximum safety. For this reason, choosing the right crane rental service can spell success for your project. Whether you’ll complete the project with minimum downtime or suffer setbacks, it all depends on the crane company that you are choosing.

The selected crane company must enable you to make the most of their service. If you have to constantly complain about the crane’s condition or the crane operator turns out to be inefficient, unfortunately, the wrong crane rental agency may have been chosen. To make sure you are not fooled when hiring a crane, we will tell what you need to consider when choosing a crane rental company.

What to Look for When Choosing a Crane Rental Company

  1. Reputation: Looking at the reputation gives you a greater idea about the crane rental company. Reputation refers to how many years the company has served in the crane industry and the kind of projects they have undertaken till now. Whether they are suitable for your construction job can be easily determined once you check their years of experience and the kind of projects they have handled so far.

    When searching for crane rental companies, you will come across several newly established ones and hesitate to trust them. The reason? Because they lack the required experience! In that case, you can always count on a company that has built a solid reputation for providing first-class crane hire services.

  2. Check their availability: No construction project follows a uniform timeline. The time required to complete the construction of a single-storey building will be lesser than that needed for constructing a high-rise. Isn’t it? Naturally, you may want to prioritize some service providers over others. So, whether your project has a flexible time-frame or you require immediate crane rental service, never forget to check the crane rental company’s availability. Remember! Not all crane companies will adapt to your needs. That is why, being sure of crane rental companies who can accommodate your project timeframe will keep your list short, sweet and relevant.

  3. Must know all the required permits: Crane operation is a high-risk job and it must be undertaken by a specialized company who has the required permits. Besides, the laws regarding crane operation in public places vary from one state to another. As cranes are highly visible pieces of equipment, it is not unusual if the local officials want to check the permits and qualifications for conducting the project. Therefore, make sure your crane rental service provider is abreast with the local laws pertaining to the area where you are operating.

Conclusion: Along with these, keep in mind to see their credentials, inspect the cranes and evaluate their customer service. Remember these factors and get to know your crane rental service provider inside and out before finally putting your trust. However, if you aren’t sure of which crane type is suitable for your construction, you can always contact a crane specialist like ABC Crane Hire who will guide you in deciding the most suitable crane for your project after considering your requirements. For more details about our crane hire services, reach us on

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