Are you planning to build a structure that is unique from the rest? Is it in a residential area that you want to build? Then you might want to get all your supplies and equipment right. Surely enough, finding the right equipment, cranes to be particular, that will transport all the heavy materials carefully is a challenge. You can encounter several hindrances when it comes to building a structure in a residential area, blame it on the shortage of sufficient space.

To have a hassle-free experience, the best solution is to rent a crane that will lift the heaviest material with ease. There may not be enough space to move your bulky materials, or you don’t know how to move the construction panel across when space is limited. The only solution that remains is opting for a crane rental service for your residential construction project.

You can approach a reputable crane rental company and hire their latest cranes suitable for your project requirements. But before that, read this blog and get hold of some tips when renting a crane for your residential construction work.

Renting a crane for your residential construction project? Remember these things

1. Check for clearance: The first thing that you make sure even before you’re out on a hunt for renting a crane is that the entire area is clear enough to allow crane operation. If you have the power lines running along, operating cranes wouldn’t be a suitable option, rather it would be too risky. Likewise, the potential for mishaps is again seen when there are tall and big trees coming in the way when a crane is under operation. In such a case, discuss with the crane renting company about how much clearance is required.

2. Go through the permits required: Only clearing the area where you are going to operate the crane is not enough; you also need to obtain clearance from the city’s municipality to use a crane in a residential locality. In case the streets are narrow and to top it all, there is the ‘street parking’ problem’, you may need to shut off the street temporarily while diverting the regular traffic through elsewhere. For doing this, you require the city’s help to warn everyone of neither parking their vehicles nor travelling there. In other words, you need to tell everyone that ‘this road is your road not taken for the time being’.

3. Stage the work area: There are so many supplies and materials that need to be lifted tomorrow. Are you planning to assemble all of this in one place the minute before crane operation? Perhaps not since that would be a slipshod way of performing the job, increasing the risk of accidents. When you hire a crane rental service, ensure that all your materials and supplies are kept at one place, especially from where a crane operator can easily access them.

4. Renting a crane and saving money: Renting a crane is more economical than owning one. Again, the cost of having a certified operator and renting the rigging can escalate your overall expenditure. What should you do to keep your expenses low?

Keep your area clear

Have the supplies and equipment ready

If you need a crane on a specific day, don’t forget to book your cranes in advance.

Conclusion: Finding an appropriate crane renting company is indeed an arduous task but when you have expert guidance in selecting the right crane and operating it, you are sure of something brilliant is rising out there! To know more about our crane hiring services, call us on 08 9524 5502.

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