Cranes are extremely useful in lifting heavy weights in different setups. They can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. While crane operators are thoroughly trained to work under different conditions, it is important that the safety rules should be drilled into them to avoid any accidents. Companies that provide services for crane hire at Port Kennedy train their operators well to avoid any accidents, however, it is important that the crane operator should be told about any new risk and trained how to avoid them. One of the likely sources of accident when using cranes is when they are operated under the power lines. Therefore, crane operators should be extra vigilant when they are working outdoors near any power lines. To ensure complete safety of any accident happening due to contact with power lines, the crane operators should follow the below-mentioned guidelines fully.

1). Look overhead: Before you start operating your crane, you should look overhead, whether there are any power cables nearby. Additionally, before you extend the boom of your equipment, carefully look at the nearby cables. You must realize that, when you are working near overhead cable lines that carry huge voltage of current, then even nonmetallic materials can conduct electricity. Therefore, always maintain a safe distance.

2). Working at a safe distance: This is the most basic safety precaution that a crane operator should follow to avoid any accidents with power lines. If the crane operator is working near a power line that carries 50KV of current, then he should be at least 10 feet away from the lines. In case, the power line is carrying more than 50 kV but less than 350KV, then the crane should be at least 20 feet away from the power line. For high tension power lines carrying more than 350 kV of current, the crane operator should be at least 50 feet away to operate without any risks. If your crane has a big boom, try to keep it as far away from the power lines as possible.

3). In case of rain: If you are working under a power line and it is raining, then it is important that you should move as far away from the power line as possible. Water and current together can be a deadly combination, and if you make any mistake in such a situation, then accident may happen.

4). If the crane boom touches the power line: If the crane boom connects with the power cables accidentally, then you must jump off the crane as far as possible and try to land on both feet together. Try to shuffle away from the crane with your feet together to minimize the chance of getting an electric shock. Under no circumstances you should touch the crane and the ground at the same time. If you do this, then the electric circuit will be completed and you may get a fatal shock. You should shout to other people not to approach the crane until the local power utility workers come to switch off the power in the overhead cables and extricate your crane.

Conclusion: Working near a power cable can lead to an accident if proper safety procedures are not followed. We, with more than 17 years in the business of offering crane hire at Port Kennedy are a reliable choice for efficient crane hire service.

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