The indisputable lifting champion when it comes to construction cranes is the almighty tower crane. ‌It’s known as a tower crane due to the big tower-like structure. The tower mast supports the jib and counter jib, which supports the hook, trolley, and cabling. Today’s tower cranes allow development companies to work faster and more efficiently. Let’s say you’ve undertaken a project to construct a high-rise or a skyscraper building, and you’re looking for the ideal crane to hire from the best crane companies in Perth. Certainly, you’ll be recommended to leverage a tower crane.

Moreover, when tower cranes are fixed to the ground during the construction period, they provide the perfect height and lifting capacity blend. They are secured with a solid concrete base and anchored by large bolts, which can be removed easily after construction. However, people are still in the dark about the various types of tower cranes that can be hired from a reputable crane rental company. And in this blog, we shall do just that!

Best Tower Cranes to Choose From

Hammerhead Cranes

When speaking about tower crane hire Perth, this is the most prevalent type you’ll encounter at a crane rental company. A hammerhead crane incorporates a fixed jib and a trolley assembly that travels the length of the jib to position the hook. These cranes also provide a feature known as racking, which helps the trolley to move forward and back horizontally along the crane arm. As these cranes are extremely heavy, they are mostly assembled on the job site.

Derrick Cranes

The main components of the device include the following parts: masts, which are made in the form of large metal structures and rack-strut. The most interesting feature is that this tower crane doesn’t have space for the operator to sit and control the functions. Instead, it is remotely operated, with or without wires.

Self-Supporting Tower Cranes

Unlike traditional mobile cranes Perth that require large setups at the ground level, self-supporting cranes can be erected on-site without the absolute requirement of an assist crane. They can extend their mast and then unfold the jib using hydraulic cylinders that are fixed to the crane. As a result, you can easily save time and cost. This is a particular reason why such a type of tower crane has one of the highest demands at a crane rental company.

Luffing Jib Cranes

A luffing jib can move up and down, while the fixed jib consists of an operating dolly that moves objects horizontally. The engine that controls the rotation of the crane sits on the top of the mast. This movement helps the crane to fit within small spaces perfectly. This is one of the main reasons that luffing jib cranes are widely used within downtown urban environments.

Final Thoughts: Practically, all construction jobs require the movement of heavy materials, so having a tower crane on hand is crucial. However, picking the right tower crane involves figuring out the project’s terrain, the size of the project site, and the weight of the materials. ABC Crane Hire is among the best crane companies in Perth. We maintain a fleet of the latest cranes for all your lifting requirements. When it comes to lifting equipment, look no further. To know more about our services, visit

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