What is the first thing you will usually see when you visit a construction site? Cranes, right? After all, cranes are the most important pieces of equipment required to construct big structures like factories, bridges, high-rise buildings, dams, and stadiums, among others. They not only transport heavy materials from one place to another but also help you complete the project faster. And did you know that cranes are widely used in the telecommunication, cargo, mining, and metal manufacturing industry apart from the construction industry?

Out of all the types of cranes available in the market, mobile cranes are one of the most popular ones widely used in the construction industry. They offer maximum flexibility in terms of location and can be used in different terrains. So, if your next construction project is taking place in Perth or surrounding areas, you can consider using mobile cranes in PerthIn this blog, we have narrowed down some of the top benefits of using a mobile crane. Keep reading till the end.

Reasons to Hire Mobile Cranes for Your Construction Project

There are plenty of reasons to hire mobile canes for your next construction project. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • Strong and Powerful

In spite of being small in size, mobile cranes in Perth or any other location can lift more than one heavyweight. A mobile crane can easily traverse through limited space and complete a wide range of lifting tasks within a short span of time. Its multiple axles and improved hydraulic power help the crane lift heavy objects to great heights. Added to that, a mobile crane has incredible capacities to lift construction tilt panels, steel beams, pillars, and other materials.

  • Mobility

During a construction project, you may have to deal with different types of terrain and handle a variety of materials. In such a scenario, you will need a crane that can lift and transport materials across various sites, whether it’s smooth or rough. This is where a mobile crane comes into the picture. Since it’s not fixed to a particular location once they are set up, it can be moved around anywhere, as and when required.

  • Quick Set-Up

Another important reason construction companies should use mobile cranes is that their set-up time is quite lower than for a fixed unit. And since they set up quickly, they just need a small space to stabilize.

If you’ve ever rented a crane before, you might already know that a company that offers the best crane rental service rents cranes by the hour. And since a mobile crane doesn’t take much time to set up, you won’t have to pay a large sum of money.

  • Affordable

Given the high cost, buying a mobile crane is not a feasible option. Instead, renting a crane is more convenient. As a mobile crane requires less labor to set up the equipment, it will cost you less. Added to that, when you buy a mobile crane, you will have to pay for its maintenance cost as well as the operators. On the other hand, by hiring a crane rental company, you will get the crane at a fixed monthly cost and you won’t even have to worry about its storage or maintenance costs.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have discussed all the crucial reasons why you should hire a mobile crane, you must be looking for a reputable crane rental company. If so, you can consider getting in touch with us. Having extensive experience in this industry, ABC Crane Hire offers the best crane rental services at competitive rates. From rough terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes to mobile cranes in Perth, we can provide you with a wide array of cranes that are tailored to meet all your lifting requirements. Hurry up and book our services today.

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