Are you aware that the market demand for mobile cranes increased by nearly 30%? The advent of mobile cranes simplified the complexity involved in heavy lifting to a great degree. Today mobile cranes are preferred more because they have a wide range of features that make them a better choice than other lifting machines. That’s why crane companies in Perth or elsewhere are experiencing a high demand for this lifting machine from heavy industrial and construction companies. 

Mobile cranes are used more than tower cranes because it’s an advantageous heavy lifting machine compared to tower cranes. Besides, it’s a cable-controlled boom lift that is supported and carried on the top of rubberised tires. It’s a significant feature that provides a great advantage in ensuring the crane’s mobility on worksites. Read on to know more about mobile cranes’ top advantages and features.

Top Uses of a Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes are the ideal piece of machinery that can be utilized for anything that demands heavy items to be moved, hoisted, or placed in a specific place. If you’re thinking about investing in a mobile crane, make sure to check out its major uses given below.

Why Choose Mobile Cranes? Get Fresh Insights
Why Choose Mobile Cranes? Get Fresh Insights. Why Choose Mobile Cranes? (1st line)
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  • Power Transmission

One of the significant things in power transmission is safety and appropriate material management. Hence, when you have a reliable crane rental company backing a construction operation, using mobile cranes can turn out profitable in carrying out any power-related tasks efficiently and safely. A Mobile crane is a versatile heavy lifting machine that can offer great service irrespective of whether the project requires an all-terrain crane to hoist heavy objects or a smaller crane with a man-basket for completing tasks at height.

  • Construction, Tilt-Up Construction, And Roofing

Mobile cranes can be used for material or equipment transportation and to hoist building materials efficiently. It’s a kind of crane that caters to tilt-up construction requirements impeccably. Likewise, it executes roofing tasks in a short time and accurately.

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  • HVAC

Goes without saying that HVAC is a very heavy item, and hence, difficult to transport. In such scenarios, mobile cranes are a perfect solution for transporting or effectively installing them without much hassle. Utilizing a mobile crane can reduce the time and effort needed to unload and lift HVAC to a great degree.

  • Wind Energy

Assembling large turbines in wind energy operation can be difficult unless you have the right machinery to do so. In that case, mobile cranes are the best equipment that can smoothly traverse across the roughest terrains and hoist heavy turbines and other items at great heights.     

Top Reasons to Use a Mobile Crane

When you hear the term ‘mobile crane’ for the first time, it may seem like a temporary solution, but in reality, it can surpass a tower crane in most features, such as:

  • Setup Time

Setting up a mobile crane hardly requires the time to prepare the site for bigger cranes. All you need is a firm soil and a nearby road to smoothly operate mobile cranes in Perth or elsewhere. Also, all-terrain cranes can operate on dirt roads and manage large loads efficiently.

  • Mobility

Having a mobile crane saves you money, space, and time simultaneously. It’s easy to move, allowing for better road access for trucks to unload near the destination. One can decide to set up the crane in an area to offer a secure path for the lift to pass over the work site.

  • Footprint

It goes without saying that space is an important thing in contemporary times. Whether in the village or busy road in a city, space is a concern that you can’t ignore.  These small cranes are a great option in such scenarios as they fit down lanes or roads seamlessly. Furthermore, you won’t face any problems while driving them below low bridges.

On the other hand, a mobile crane can lift and swing heavier loads in tighter spaces without causing any hindrance to traffic or costly delays.   


A Mobile crane is a versatile piece of equipment that saves you time, space, and money to a great extent. The convenience that it offers reduces delays and enhances work methods that help complete a project within the timeline. So, if you are located in Perth or surrounding areas, make sure to hire reputable crane companies in Perth to back up your projects with the best piece of equipment to complete a job flawlessly. At ABC Crane Hire, we offer w wide range of cranes and provide optimal solutions for all your lifting requirements. For details, call (08) 9524 5502

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