Cranes are integral parts of any construction work, which involves moving heavy materials. Crane rental companies provide overhead cranes to help lift items weighing tonnes. Depending on the kind of work, you may need to opt for different types of overhead crane, each serving a different purpose.

Here is a look at 5 overhead crane types that are available to you for the various types of construction or building work.

Gantry crane

With double head configuration, gantry cranes rely on their legs to support the trolley, bridge and hoist. It does not move on runways, but instead on embedded rails fixed on top of the floor. Due to their immense size and structure, these cranes are ideally found in railyards, shipyards, and during the construction of steel mills or bridges.

Bridge crane

Another outdoor crane, bridge cranes come with two overhead runways. It can be either single or double head configuration. With the crane, you can move the hoist or trolley both up and down and sideways across the bridge. This too is a common overhead crane that crane rental companies use in shipyards. They can help load and unload heavy metal containers. Additionally, due to its sidewards movement, bridge cranes are ideal to carefully arrange these containers.

Jib cranes

Moving on to smaller cranes, jib cranes can be of different types and are mainly designed for operation in an enclosed space. Offering both 180 degrees and 360 degrees rotations, jib cranes can easily hoist tonnes of material and manoeuvre them in the tight spaces. When working indoors, do not be fooled by its small size, as a jib crane can often get the work done. Due to its smaller size, renting such a crane is also much more economical when compared to other types of overhead cranes.

Monorail cranes

If you want to move heavy materials between a set path, monorails are often the best choice available to you. These cranes move along a straight, predetermined line. Curving the line of movement is possible with the help of curved tracks, branches, switches and a change in elevation. Monorail cranes are popular across factories and manufacturing plants, where heavy materials need to be transported across a set path every time.

Workstation cranes

Another compact crane able to move a great deal of weight, workstation cranes, as the name suggests, is present in a compact work area. It is an essential tool for employees who need to move or position heavy items as part of their duties at work.
Cranes are indispensable tools that are vital for construction and other sectors. If the crane malfunctions, the work can come to a standstill. This is why you need to determine a reputed crane rental company for all your crane needs. Determine the type of crane you require based on the work. Outdoor cranes, such as bridge cranes are unsuitable for smaller operations inside a building. In these cases, you must instead use jib cranes to complete your work. Rental companies can also recommend a crane for you based on your operations.

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