Performing construction jobs without using a crane is impossible to imagine. A crane is indeed the first piece of equipment that comes to your mind when you need to lift heavy construction modules, pre-cast concrete panels, or bridge beams. However, when it comes to using a crane, you’ve got two options – buying a crane for your project or opting for crane hire companies in Perth. As we all know cranes are expensive equipment, buying them can be an expensive affair. Added to that, when you buy a crane, you have to look after its maintenance as well. Considering these limitations, it is advisable to hire a reliable crane rental company.

Now, do you know which type of crane is popularly called the ‘workhorse’ of the construction site? Tower cranes it is! The reason? Well, that’s because they are specially designed to be used in locations with high buildings and skyscrapers. They are designed to balance their own weight while carrying the counterweight that they carry. Some of these cranes are self-erecting, while others may require a bit of extra help during set-up and take-down.

5 Most Popular Types of Tower Cranes

  1. Luffing Jib Cranes

Luffing jib tower cranes are primarily used in industrial equipment installing fields where high perching accuracy and large lifting capacity are required for lifting large equipment. They have a variable working radius and a very short counter jib which allow high productivity in extremely narrow spaces. These types of cranes are permanently installed over a workstation and are typically used for repetitive tasks.

  1. Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Unlike traditional mobile cranes in Perth that require large setups at the ground level, self-supporting cranes can be erected on-site without the absolute requirement of an assist crane. Added to that, their lifting capacities range from 2.5 tonnes with the trolley at the minimum radius and 1 tonne at the maximum radius at the end of the jib.

  1. Derrick Cranes

One of the best things about derrick cranes is their range of motion. Because of the ability to pivot, they can both slew and luff. Derrick Carnes consists of a boom, a mast, and a bull wheel on which the boom rotates. Unlike other crane types, let’s say all-terrain cranes in Perth, the derrick cranes do not include a cab as they are controlled remotely with a wireless or wired connection.

  1. Hammerhead Tower Cranes

A hammerhead crane can carry several tons of weight and remains a go-to resource when construction workers are tasked with picking up, storing, and transporting heavy loads. Considered as the queen of tower cranes, the hammerhead cranes, a main product in the Top- Slewing category, are widely used on bridges, power plants, or shipyards construction sites.

  1. Mobile Tower Cranes

Mobile tower cranes are suitable for narrow, inner-city streets as the jib unfolds high in the air. They offer leading flexibility and mobility, especially in situations where multiple obstructions are present. Moreover, they are extremely important and flexible in an area where companies need to lift different types of construction loads. If you’re looking for a crane that can carry and transport weight across multiple sites, both rough and smooth, you can have peace of mind when you use a mobile tower crane for this purpose.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the most popular types of tower cranes that you can choose for your next construction project, you must be searching for the best crane hire companies in Perth. ABC Crane Hire is a leading shutdown crane rental company offering a wide range of advanced crane equipment for all types of construction jobs. To discuss your requirements, call us at (08) 95245502.

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