When it comes to lifting heavy weights in construction or industrial sites, nothing proves to be better equipped than cranes. They are most commonly found in any production space or engineering site. To make a business productive, numerous industries choose crane hire in Perth to perform vital tasks and deliver the required results.

But, do you know which type of crane is popularly called the ‘workhorse’ of the construction site? Mobile crane? No. Rough terrain? Nah. Tower cranes it is! Mostly designed to lift heavy-weight objects, tower cranes are considered to be simple machines with various attachments like wire ropes, drums, chains, and a telescopic boom on the platform. However, figuring out the right type of tower crane is a really tough choice. Not all tower cranes can give you complete satisfaction through their performance. So, choosing a good type of tower crane will automatically reflect on your project. Thus, to have excellent results and know which type of tower crane is the best, you need to have a clear understanding of all the tower cranes available in the market and know which is ideal for your next construction project.

Types of Tower Cranes You Can Hire for Construction

  1. Derrick Cranes

A derrick crane is composed of a boom and a guyed mast that’s hinged at the base of the crane. This tower crane doesn’t have space for the operator to sit and control the functions. Instead, it is remotely operated, with or without wires. And, when you opt for crane hire in Perththe professional operators can help you operate the crane with utmost safety.

  1. Hammerhead Cranes

A hammerhead crane incorporates a fixed jib and a trolley assembly that travels the length of the jib to position the hook. These cranes also provide a feature known as racking, which helps the trolley to move forward and back horizontally along the crane arm.

Added to that, this crane has a horizontal, swiveling lever resting on a fixed tower. The trolley is held in the forward part of the arm and is counterbalanced with the part of the arm that extends backward.

  1. Self-Supporting Tower Cranes

This is a common type of tower crane you use in shorter structures when you don’t need a tower extension. These cranes are often anchored at the base with weight, and their towers extend out of the anchor point and rotate. Its lifting capacities range from 2.5 tons with the trolley at the minimum radius and 1 ton at the maximum radius at the end of the job.

  1. Luffing Jib Cranes

A luffing jib can move up and down, while the fixed jib consists of an operating dolly that moves objects horizontally. And, its design is similar to a hammerhead tower crane, with the exception that the jib is latticed and can be raised and lowered—a motion called “luffing.”

  1. Mobile Tower Cranes

The use of mobile cranes in Perth in the construction of small heights and open spaces has already become very popular. Suggestive from the name itself and similar to the mobile crane, a mobile tower crane can easily navigate into different places. The range of mobile tower cranes can lift up to 10 tons and have a maximum working radius of 60 meters.

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