When you visit a construction site, cranes are one of the first things that you’ll usually see. After all, when it comes to lifting and moving machines, heavy loads, materials, and goods, nothing can beat the power of cranes. However, if you don’t have the budget to buy cranes, hiring them from a crane rental company can be the perfect option for you. In addition to being an economical option, renting cranes means that you don’t have to worry about their maintenance and storage. Reputable crane companies in Perth or elsewhere not only provide licensed operators who are trained to operate the equipment but also offer a wide array of cranes to choose from.

Whether you have undertaken a small construction project or a big one, you’ll need cranes to do all the heavy-lifting jobs on the site. However, before using them, it’s important for you to understand their general composition and the function of each part so that you can use cranes to their fullest potential. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most essential parts of a crane and their functions.

Top 5 Components of a Crane & Their Functions.

5 Most Important Components of a Crane & Their Functions

In order to exercise proper crane safety, it’s important to be familiar with the parts of a crane and their functions. Some of the most important parts of a crane have been mentioned below.

  1. Boom

The boom of a crane is the part that almost everyone can easily recognise. It’s the arm of the crane that lifts and moves materials from one point to another. When positioning a load, booms bear most of the weight, and their length determines the maximum reach of a crane. They can be telescopic or come in one solid piece. Telescopic booms offer extended outreach and have active oscillating axles to ensure maximum traction. Most local crane hire service providers offer two main types of booms: hydraulic booms and lattice booms.

  1. Jib

A jib crane is a lifting device that extends horizontally from the crane to help the crane lift bigger and heavier items. The jib is either fixed or swings through an arc to provide additional lateral movement. The jibs are extremely flexible, capable of lifting 250 lbs. up to 15 tons, and most importantly, they work well in small workspaces.

  1. Hoist

The hoist is located on the crane’s horizontal beam and features the main lifting mechanism. It uses a hook to lift and lower loads on a vertical plane and consists of a winding drum and a wire that holds the hook. Without the hoist, objects wouldn’t get off the ground. Moreover, as its strengthened core can hold thousands of feet of wire rope, you can easily move heavy loads and materials over great heights and distances.

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  1. Counterweights

Counterweights are one of the most important parts of a crane and are mounted at the back to provide balance. They are usually made of concrete or steel and can easily be added or removed in accordance with the load to be lifted.  They add stability to the crane and ensure it doesn’t topple when lifting loads.

  1. Wheels and Tracks

Wheels and tracks provide mobility to the crane to help it move around the job site. While wheels allow cranes to drive down the highway at high speeds and maneuver around a job site, tracks provide cranes with increased stability on rough terrain. So, if your job site is uneven and bumpy, wheels can be the right choice for you. Similarly, for soft and muddy terrain, tracks could be the best alternative.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, there are many other components of a crane, and each part has its own importance in proper functioning. Some of these include the hook, outriggers, wire ropes, and sheaves, among others. If you are looking for a reputable crane rental company, get in touch with ABC Crane Hire. As one of the leading crane companies in Perth, we take pride in offering the best crane rental services. To get in touch with us, visit ABC Crane Hire or call (08) 9524 5502.

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