These machines work wonders at a construction site. They lift all kinds of heavy materials and transport them across various locations efficiently. You have the least doubt about their high performance when operating these machines. It’s none other than cranes that we’re hinting at! As construction activities are increasing every year, crane hire, specialized transport, rigging and other heavy lifting machines seem to enjoy a special place of eminence. With thousands of local crane hire companies advertising themselves as ‘the most reliable and efficient’, selecting the best one has only become tricky and complicated for every construction project manager like you, every time you need to hire a crane.

Determining the best crane hire company is arduous unless you consider certain pre-requisites. By doing so, you’ll have an easy and correct decision-making process. In this blog, we’ll discuss these essential parameters to help you find the right crane hire company.

1. Experience: An experienced crane rental company vs a newly formed crane hire agency, which one to choose?

Most construction project managers encounter this confusion, especially if they’re hiring a crane for the first time. If you listen to the experts, engaging the services of an experienced crane rental company goes a long way in saving you stress, time and money. The professionals have in-depth knowledge about various crane mechanisms, features and know how to deal with any emergency if it arises while operating the crane.

However, requesting quotes from several companies and considering the other factors can help you make an informed decision and get the best crane rental service.

2.Trained operators: It goes without saying that cranes are complex machines. Operating a crane and driving a car are two different stories altogether. Cranes are more difficult to operate as they’re incorporated with a slew of advanced features and hence, only trained, skilled and licensed operators can handle them.

Also, not all companies offer licensed crane operators as a part of their crane rental package. Should you want to hire a crane and a trained operator, you can book the services of ABC Crane Hire. The local crane hire company is reputable for offering top-quality cranes and highly qualified operators at reasonable rates.

3.The types of cranes offered: When it comes to hiring crane rental services, opting for one that maintains a wide array of fleet gives you the liberty to work with any crane as and when required. Always ask the company about the variety of cranes they offer; this gives you insight into their service offerings and capabilities in providing a crane tailored to your requirements.

A company that has been in the crane rental industry for several years is usually equipped with a vast fleet of machines that can hoist various types of heavy materials. A crane rental company with adequate experience, extensive knowledge, follows prescribed safety guidelines and has a well-maintained crane fleet can benefit your project in more ways than one.

4.Safety inspection of the cranes: Whether the crane you’ll be hiring fulfils the safety considerations is imperative both for you and your staff. Well, it’s true that cranes are dangerous and can cause enormous damage to public properties and lives, it can’t be denied that cranes are also one of the safest construction machines, provided they’re regularly serviced and inspected before operation. Before being sure about a crane hire company, always ask the following questions:

  • How frequently are the cranes inspected and serviced?
  • Do you follow any authorized standard safety checklist?
  • Do you use any automated asset compliance and verification software?

The answers in response to these questions will paint a clear picture of the company’s safety inspection procedure.

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