One of the fundamental aspects of any construction project is handling the heavy lifting operation. You’ve got to lift and transport heavy objects from one point to the other in the safest way possible. And which equipment does this better than a crane? It’s the only machinery designed to support all kinds of lifting requirements and deliver the desired outcome. There’s no doubt that cranes are imperative for any kind of construction, whether you’re constructing a multi-storey or a skyscraper. However, purchasing cranes is not always economically viable. Cranes usually cost a few thousand pounds and then there’s the cost of maintenance, repair and storage.

So, do start-ups and well-established construction companies buy crane equipment or rent it? For most of the construction companies, renting a crane from a reputable Mandurah crane hire company is a more cost-effective solution. But finding a reliable crane rental company is quite a challenging task, isn’t it? Relax! We’ve prepared a list of vital questions you must ask a company before hiring their rental services.

Important Questions to Ask a Mandurah Crane Hire Company

1.How experienced are you in the crane rental industry?

Needless to say, the advantage of hiring an experienced crane rental company is that you have expertise at your fingertips. The crane rental company should possess rich experience in handling construction ventures similar to yours. The company you choose should be well-versed with the crane operation techniques, know how to address various challenges of the job and can advise you the best crane as per your construction requirement. Always remember to ask how much experience they have as this will help you decide if the crane rental company is appropriate for your project.

2. Can you provide the best type of crane for my project?

As you already know, cranes are of various types. Be it rough terrain, all-terrain, gantry or overhead cranes and there’s lots more. It’s crucial to know what kind of crane you require and if the company can provide you with it. Ideally, choose a Mandurah crane hire company that maintains a wide variety of cranes. Whether you need a mobile crane or a rough-terrain crane, you can get it all under one roof rather than searching for different companies and wasting your time.

3. Do you provide licensed crane operators along with the equipment?

It’s quite obvious that if your construction firm doesn’t possess any crane, you won’t likely have trained staff to operate a crane either. Many companies that rent cranes understand the need for providing well-trained operators to construction firms. Their crane rental service comprises both the equipment and licensed operators who can deal with crane operation procedure with efficiency and expertise.

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to ask your selected crane hire company if they’ll provide a certified operator along with the equipment. After all, who wants to endure the struggle of finding a well-qualified crane operator in the last minute?

4. What are your crane rental service charges?

Buying a crane is undoubtedly an expensive option. On the contrary, hiring a crane can save your business a significant amount of cost. Nonetheless, it’s still crucial to make sure you’re getting the best value for money when hiring a crane.

When choosing a crane rental company, don’t hesitate to look around, ask for quotes and compare the rates. If the quality of the service is excellent, paying the rate is not an issue, if it’s within your budget. Simply put, the rates charged by the crane hire company should be reasonably calculated.

Conclusion: Having a crane at your construction site is crucial to perform the heavy lifting tasks seamlessly, without any difficulty. In the long-standing debate, whether it’s more economical to buy a crane or rent one from a reputable Mandurah crane hire company, going for the latter is more feasible and you know why. Looking for the best crane rental company for your upcoming construction project? ABC Crane Hire can help. We maintain a large fleet of modern cranes and can provide lifting solutions as per your needs and budget. For more details, visit us on

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