Hiring cranes is necessary for any kind of construction project; whether you are constructing a building, bridge, factory or any other structure. By using cranes, transporting heavy materials from one place to another becomes easier, the project can also be completed faster with minimal or no workplace accidents at all. With the appropriate crane hire companies in Perth, you can create your dream structure standing tall more conveniently. But before you choose your best crane company, you need to decide on two things:

Crane Hire Companies in Perth

1. Do you need a full service or rental?

If you already have certified operators and no appropriate cranes for the task, you can always rent your suitable crane from a reputable crane company. But if you lack both in cranes and qualified staff, it is better to engage a full service crane where you get both cranes and operators at a reasonable price.

2. What type of crane do you need?

Does your construction project require an all terrain crane, a mobile crane or a hydraulic crane? You need to first decide on the type of crane that will best cater to your project’s requirements.

Top crane hire companies in Perth

Now that you have decided on the above two, it is time to hire the best crane company in Perth. Some of the top crane companies that you may look out for are:

1. ABC Crane Hire – Established in 1999, ABC Crane Hire is one of the most popular crane hire companies in Perth. The company offers a wide array of services that specialise in cranes, transport, rigging, shutdowns, tilt up panel erection and many more. Their total lifting solutions cater to all kinds of requirements, from heavy lifting to heavy haulage. You can get a crane to lift all kinds of weight – from medium to the heaviest weight. They maintain a large fleet of cranes that are regularly inspected and maintained. Some of their most sought after crane models are 16t City Class Crane, Terex AT20 Franna, Tadano ATF 65G-4, Tadano ATF 110G-5 and many more. What else? Only qualified operators are employed to operate the cranes thereby ensuring safety and efficiency.

2. Titan Heavy Lift: Another privately owned crane hire company in Perth is Titan Heavy Lift. They provide cranes for lifting all kinds of weight. They primarily specialise in providing 24/7 mobile crane hire solutions for locomotives, transformers, shutdowns, emergency recoveries, etc.

3. WA Universal Rigging & Cranes: They provide reliable crane hire services for construction, residential, infrastructure and even for farming and resource sectors. If you are looking for highly trained welders and riggers, you can avail of their services. You can hire the latest fleet of tower cranes, mini cranes and all terrain cranes according to your requirements.

4. Ashburton Crane Hire: You can also avail safe and reliable crane hire services from Ashburton Crane Hire. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their fleet of cranes is regularly maintained and inspected according to the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. For this reason, they are known as a reliable crane service provider in Perth. More importantly, their services are more suitable if you are going to work in a mining or building construction site.

Conclusion: Selecting the best crane company is a hard choice to make. These are some of the crane hire companies in Perth that you can engage for your construction venture and achieve satisfying outcome.

About ABC Crane Hire

With more than 17 years in the crane hire and lifting equipment industry in Western Australia, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable and efficient crane hire companies in the country.