Congratulations on signing a new real estate development contract! Among the various considerations, you are into making, one of the most important ones is buying a crane or rent one. The popularity of crane hire companies in Perth and elsewhere has increased significantly over the last few years. In fact, a report published by highlights that the crane rental market’s value in 2018 was USD 40,181 million and is expected to reach USD 53,157 million by 2024 at a CAGR of 4.7%

This shows that more and more construction companies are opting for crane rental services instead of purchasing them. The principal reasons behind the increase in crane rental services include the escalating cost of buying equipment and, most significantly, an unpredictable market owing to the pandemic that has compelled construction companies to save money in every way possible.

Hiring cranes is now a viable option for numerous construction companies. Here are the points that will help you know why renting cranes is a worthwhile decision.

What is Motivating Construction Companies to Opt for Crane Hire Services?

The initial purchase cost is avoided: Purchasing a new crane is a thoroughly expensive affair, you see. Moreover, if you have a tight budget, a crane purchase can create an enormous impact on your financial resources. Let’s say you want to buy mobile cranes in Perth. It’s going to be a long-term investment that will impede your access to using other types of cranes. Availing a local crane hireservice will help you to avoid the upfront costs linked to crane purchasing and allow you to allocate your funds more judiciously.

Protection from market volatility: As you already know, the construction industry is one of the ever-changing industries and is subjected to various factors that can influence the trade. Increasing or decreasing the costs of cranes or the employability options are all beyond your control. Hiring a reputable crane hire company in Perthwill cushion your company against unexpected, unfavourable financial slumps that may turn up. Rather than turning your hand to one piece of equipment, renting cranes introduces flexibility, making it easier for you to handle the fluctuations of the business.

No maintenance or repair costs: Owning equipment doesn’t come free of cost and neither does your expenditure end with the purchase. You need to keep up with its regular maintenance and repair that involve separate costs.

By contacting a certified local crane hire company, the costs associated with repair and maintenance are significantly reduced. Rather than distressing over scheduling crane maintenance and repairing sessions, renting cranes takes off this burden from your shoulders and allows you to focus on other vital areas in your business and stimulate higher productivity.

No depreciation value: When you purchase equipment, you also incur significant depreciation costs. Buying a crane and keeping it in top shape requires considerable investment in addition to your upfront purchase. As with a gadget, even a crane’s value continues to depreciate over time. This makes it difficult to recover the expenses incurred at the time of initial investment. Crane rentals is the best way to avoid the loss concerning the depreciation value of a crane.

Which is the Most Trusted Crane Hire Company in Perth?

Construction companies can derive not one but multiple benefits by renting cranes instead of purchasing them. From renting specific types of cranes for particular projects to saving time, money, and resources, all you need to do is reach out to a reputable crane hire company and you’re sorted! ABC Crane Hire takes pride in offering top-notch crane rental solutions at cost-effective rates.

Be it all-terrain or mobile cranes, we are one of the first-class crane hire companies in Perth that serve the best crane rental value and guarantee the quality, efficiency, and security. For more information about our crane rentals, visit

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