As cranes provide the required lifting and movement capabilities for large and heavy materials, they play a critical role in the construction industry. They are used for a wide range of tasks such as lifting concrete slabs and steel beams for building construction, loading and unloading materials from trucks and ships, and moving equipment and machinery from one place to another. However, among all the types of cranes available in the market today, tower cranes are widely used by construction companies. They are important for construction projects because of their ability to reach great heights and lift large loads. So, if you are planning to use tower cranes for your next construction project and are looking for a crane rental company that provides the best services for crane hire in Perth, get in touch with ABCCrane Hire. We provide a wide array of well-maintained tower cranes to choose from.

Tower cranes are most commonly used in the construction industry, particularly for high-rise building projects. Want to know why? Well, keep reading the blog till the end.

Top Reasons Why Construction Companies Use Tower Cranes
Top Reasons Why Construction Companies
Use Tower Cranes.

Reasons Why Construction Companies Prefer to Use Tower Cranes

Tower cranes provide the perfect blend of height and lifting capacity as they are fixed to the ground during construction. Here are know the top reasons why most construction companies choose them.

  • They Provide a Sturdy Support System

Tower cranes make the construction process safer and more efficient by enclosing a steady lifting and support system that serves as a pillar. There are various elements that contribute to the stability of a tower crane such as the concrete pad that weighs around 400,000 pounds. Additionally, the base of the crane is supported by large anchor bolts embedded deeply in the concrete pad.

If you are planning to rent cranes and are in search of a crane rental company that provides cost-effective services for shutdown crane services in Perthreach out to us. With more than 20 years of experience in the crane rental industry, ABCCrane Hire takes pride in providing the best crane hire services.

  • An Efficient and Economical Solution

If you have been in the construction industry, you might already know that every project is different and may need different types of tower cranes. While constructing high-rise buildings, you need to make sure you have the right type of crane. The best thing about using tower cranes is that they are available in various types. So, whether you need a crane that can be easily navigated into smaller spaces or a crane that can be remotely operated, you will always find a tower crane that perfectly meets your project requirements. For instance, according to professionals offering services for crane hire in Perthmobile cranes are one of the most sought-after types of tower cranes as they not only have a maximum working radius of 60 meters but also allow high productivity in extremely narrow spaces.

Added to that, by renting tower cranes, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, repair, or anything else. You can use the crane for as long as you want and once your project is completed, you can return it to your crane rental company.

  • They Can Reach Great Heights

When compared to other cranes, a tower crane can reach heights up to 265 feet or 80 meters. Being self-building, tower cranes allow skyscrapers or high-rise buildings to be constructed adjacent to or even around them. As mentioned earlier, a tower crane is attached to a concrete pad on the ground that supports the entire structure. This way, the professional operators gradually raise the crane along with the building to reach the optimum height necessary.

Final Thoughts:

Tower cranes are characterized by their tall, tower-like structure and a horizontal jib (arm) that can rotate around the base, and allows for faster and more efficient construction. Should you be looking for a crane rental company that provides the best services for crane hire in Perthreach out to ABC Crane Hire. With extensive experience in the construction, residential, industrial, and mining sectors, we maintain a wide range of cranes for all your lifting requirements. To know more about our services, call 08 9524 5502.

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