Over the years, the construction industry has significantly benefitted from the emergence of various crane types. From working in narrow spaces to locations that have an irregular topography, you can find cranes that will fulfill all your requirements completely. Besides the construction industry, cranes are also used in the transport, mining, and cargo sectors. However, what makes the cranes an integral part of the construction industry more than the others is their ability to lift and transfer the heaviest weight from one site to another.

However, the most interesting crane among the various types is a mobile crane. The cranes are the most dynamic ones when compared to others. One main advantage of hiring a mobile crane is that it can easily assemble because of its superb design. Mobile cranes in Perth are also ideal if you are looking for cranes to smoothen your building maintenance, working on highway towers, or laying pipelines. Today, we will take a look at some of the most amazing features of mobile cranes that make them the best choice.

Top 5 Features of a Mobile Crane

Features that Make Mobile Cranes in Perth the Best Choice

  1. Powerful & Strong

A mobile crane may be smaller than other types of cranes, but it exhibits a high level of strength, allowing it to complete a wide range of lifting tasks. With multiple axles and advancements in technology concerning hydraulic power, these cranes can still lift thousands upon thousands of tons at incredible heights. Thus, if you doubt the strength of a mobile crane, contact a company that provides the best services for crane hire in Perth and clear out your confusion right away!

  1. Requires Less Space

Generally, construction sites are big enough for heavy equipment that is being used to move at ease. But, once construction takes place in the city, the site is small. Here, a mobile crane can easily access narrow alleyways while also being practical in worksites that have limited space.

  1. A Safe Option

Did you know, mobile cranes are more flexible and more mobile which makes them safer to use. They can not only carry heavy weights conveniently but also access congested sites easily while ensuring the maximum safety of the workers. With a mobile crane rental, the crane rental company handles all routine and emergency maintenance, eliminating the possibility of unexpected repair costs.

  1. Excellent Mobility

If you’re looking for a crane that can carry and transport weight across multiple sites, both rough and smooth, you can have peace of mind when you use a mobile crane for this purpose. The ability to operate on various ground conditions gives mobile cranes an edge while handling the construction tasks; even if the areas are inaccessible, you can count on the power of mobility of a mobile crane to complete the tasks efficiently, without difficulty.

  1. Easy Set-Up

Do you know what is required for the erection of a tower crane? Definitely more than what is needed to install a mobile crane. The set-up time for mobile cranes is quite lower than it’s for a fixed unit. Added to that, many mobile cranes do not even need setting up at all. It’s because of their logical design and compact nature that allows them to start working as soon as they have arrived on site.

Wrapping Up

With a robust lifting capacity, excellent mobility, and easy set-up, mobile cranes in Perth have the winning combination of features required to perform a construction task in the most stress-free, organized, and efficient manner. Should you be looking for a reliable and professional crane rental service, you can consider contacting ABC Crane Hire. Besides offering world-class crane equipment, we also take pride in having the best safety record and hiring only skilled and well-qualified operators. To know more about our services, call us on 0895245502.

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