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ABC Crane Hire maintains a fleet of the latest cranes for all your lifting requirements. When it comes to lifting equipment, look no further.

ABC Crane Hire has a fleet of mobile cranes capable of lifting everything from spas, locomotives, bridge beams, heavy construction modules to the largest mining equipment and pre-cast concrete tilt panels. At ABC Crane Hire, we are constantly upgrading and updating our inventory of cranes, heavy lifting equipment and related technology to make sure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to lifting solutions.


At ABC we have a very extensive range of lifting equipment of our own and access to an even larger equipment base to suit even the heaviest and most complex lifts. Speak to us about your specific requirements for more details.

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16t City Class Crane


Max. Lifting Capacity: 16t at 3m radius
Main Boom Length: 27.5m
Crane Length: 8.520m
Crane Width: 2.200m
Crane Height: 3.140m
Front Axle Weight: 9,950kg
Rear Axle Weight: 9,945kg
Total Weight: 19,895kg
Travel Speed: 50kph

Terex AT20 Franna


Max. Lifting Capacity: 20t x 1.4 m
Max. Lift: 20t
Main Boom Length: 13.85m
Boom: 5.67m – 20.76m
Fly: 20.76m/td>

Tadano ATF 65G-4


Max. Lifting Capacity: Boom 65 tonne @ 2.5m
Max. Lifting Heigh Boom 44.0m
Boom + Jib 60.0m
Max. Load Radius: Boom 44.0m
Boom+Jib 42.0m
Boom Length: 44.0m
Max. Traveling Speed: 80km/h
Overall Length: 11.00m
Overall Width: 2.70mm
Overall Height: 3.8m

Tadano ATF 110G-5


Max. Lifting Capacity: Boom 110t x 3.0m
Max. Lifting Heigh Boom 52.0m
Boom + Jib 86.0m
Max. Load Radius: Boom 48.0m/td>
Boom Length: 13.0m – 52.0m
Max. Traveling Speed: 85km/h
Overall Length: 14.908mm
Overall Width: 2.750mm
Overall Height: 3.995m/td>

Tadano ATF 130G-5


Max. Lifting Capacity: 130 tonnes
Boom Length: 60m
Max. Lifting Height: 95m
Fly: 18.

Tadano GT-550EX


Crane Capacity: 55,000kg at 3.0m
Boom Length: 5-section, 11.1m – 42.0m
Overall length 13.48m
Overall width 2.82m
Overall height 3.68m
Max speed 84kmph

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