Cranes, especially for construction and heavy-lifting jobs, are very important tools. Many businesses find it more affordable to opt for crane hire in Perth rather than buy one. However, not all cranes are the same, so choosing the right type of crane is very important. Apart from the type of crane, it is also important to check the essential features of your selected crane. Thus, you can ensure that the rented equipment is well-maintained and safe to use in demanding construction or mining conditions.

Features to Check Before Renting a Crane

For safety, efficiency, and best performance, you need to look at some key features before renting a crane. In this blog, ABC Crane Hire will discuss the critical things that you must examine before hiring a crane.

1. Load Capacity

The main thing to consider when renting a crane is its load capacity. The crane has to be strong enough to carry the weight of the loads that you want to hoist. If it goes over its maximum limit, this can cause accidents and damage to the project site. So, do take time to evaluate your project’s needs and choose a crane that can handle the weight of your heaviest loads without any problems.

2. Reach and Height

The crane’s reach and height abilities are very important, particularly when you need to deal with construction plans that have many floors or compact spaces. Make sure the length of the crane’s boom and its height fit what your project needs. This will let you do lift work safely without worrying about obstruction or overreach.

3. Mobility and Maneuverability

You may require a crane with excellent mobility and manoeuvrability, depending on the nature of your project. Factors such as size, weight, and mobility features like wheeled or tracked undercarriages should be considered. You should ensure that the crane can access and operate within the constraints of your work site, including navigating through tight spaces or rough terrain if necessary.

4. Operational Controls

The safe operation of cranes requires efficient and user-friendly operational controls. Before leasing a crane, acquaint yourself with the control mechanisms and confirm their inherent ease of use. Furthermore, inspect for attributes such as variable speed control, precise positioning capabilities, and emergency stop functions to optimize safety and efficiency at the worksite.

5. Safety Features

When you rent a crane, the most important thing is safety. Look for cranes that have strong safety features like overload protection systems, anti-collision devices, boom angle indicators, and proximity sensors. Confirm if the crane adheres to safety standards and rules to reduce the chances of mishaps and follow industry needs.

6. Maintenance History

When you are almost ready to make a deal for renting a crane, ask about its maintenance history and service documents. A crane that has been taken good care of is less likely to have mechanical issues or stop working suddenly. It means you don’t need to pause your project due to mechanical downtime. Also, confirm if the crane undergoes frequent inspections and maintenance checks to maintain its reliability and safety levels.

7. Operator Training and Certification

Even in the most cutting-edge crane, there can still be dangers if it is run by someone who isn’t trained or certified. Check first that the person operating the crane has proper training, certificates, and enough experience to use this exact kind of crane well before you rent one. Skilled operators are more likely to use a crane safely, make sure its performance is at its best, and reduce possible dangers on-site.

8. Environmental Considerations

When choosing a crane for rental, it is imperative to evaluate the environmental circumstances of your work site. Elements like wind velocity, atmospheric conditions, and ambient temperature can significantly influence the operation and safety of the crane. It is best to select a crane that is compatible with the current environmental conditions and equipped with advanced features such as wind speed sensors, cold weather packages, or heat-resistant components to ensure optimal performance despite external factors.


Renting a crane is like making an important purchase for any construction or industrial activity. By looking at the key details discussed above, you can choose a crane correctly that fits your project needs, safety levels, and financial limits. The most important things to think about are safety, productivity, and trustworthiness when picking out the right rental crane, as they help make your plan successful and easy to carry out smoothly. When it comes to quick and reliable crane hire in Perth, many project owners rely on ABC Crane Hire. It is a reliable destination to access a wide fleet of cutting-edge cranes suitable for various projects, from urban construction to mining. So, consider the factors discussed well before renting a crane and ensure the smooth completion of your project.

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