In the construction world, there’s a certain kind of seasonal rhythm. When the weather gets warmer and days become longer, that’s when the busy season comes in full force. This time brings more projects and demands higher productivity, but it also poses difficulties for contractors to find enough and appropriate equipment. During such peak seasons, contractors look for cost-effective and reliable crane rental services. For them, careful planning and informed decision-making become crucial for project success.

ABC Crane Hire is here to equip you with essential crane rental tips so that you can handle the busy season with ease. Following these tips will help you ensure timely equipment access, optimise crane utilisation, and ensure on-time project completion.

Planning is Paramount: Anticipate and Secure Your Needs Early

The most important part of a busy-season strategy is planning ahead. Here are some steps to prepare for it:

  • Predict Your Needs: Analyse your future assignments and carefully organise the lifting necessities for each. Determine the type, strength, and extension of cranes necessary at every stage. Do not disregard lifting requirements, including buffer capacity; all this ensures you are ready for unexpected situations.
  • Book in Advance: Connect with reliable crane rental companies early enough. When it’s a busy season, they get many reservations, and it becomes problematic for them to satisfy any urgent or instant requirement. If you book early, then there is a greater chance of discussing rates that are better and not having any last-minute holdups.
  • Establish a Relationship: Establishing trust with a dependable crane rental company is crucial. Share details of your project pipeline and expected busy season requirements with the chosen crane rental provider. This helps them comprehend what you need and cooperate in making sure equipment is accessible when necessary.

Optimising Your Crane Selection: Choosing the Right Equipment for the Job

Not all cranes are designed equally. Picking the right crane for each job enhances productivity and value.

  • Capacity Matters: Don’t overshoot capacity needs. If you rent a crane that’s larger than necessary, it will be wasteful and costly. And that’s why many contractors opt for mobile cranes in Perth. On the other hand, an undersized one might create safety risks and delays. You must consult and cooperate with the crane rental company to settle on the perfect lifting capacity suitable for your project requirements.
  • Reach Requirement: Think about the reach needed for each lift. The length of the boom and lifting height are important factors. If you rent a crane that doesn’t have enough reach, you might need complicated rigging setups or multiple lifts, which could impact safety and effectiveness.
  • Site Conditions: Can the crane work on an even, covered area or rough ground? Is there room for outriggers to provide stability? For rough or soft surfaces, it is best to rent an all-terrain crane. For lifting heavy loads on unsteady ground, crawler cranes are excellent.

Maximising Crane Utilisation: Get the Most Out of Your Rental

When your crane is delivered to the work site, maximising its use results in project efficiency and cost savings:

  • Skilled Operators are Key: Make sure to have a crew with certified and experienced crane operators. They know the abilities and limits of the crane, helping to optimise lifting processes and minimise safety risks.
  • Critical Communication: It’s vital to have clear and ongoing communication between the crane operator, crew members, and project manager. This helps in efficient scheduling of tasks, preparation for loads, and understanding hand signals, which keep things running smoothly without any delays.
  • Plan Lift Sequence: Plan the sequence of lifts carefully. This helps minimise crane repositioning and makes the lifting process smoother. Use the crane’s full capacity for multiple lifts during the day, decreasing non-operational time.

Safety First: Prioritising Safety During the Busy Season

The busy season is not a time to compromise safety. Utilise these security measures:

  • Inspections Before Lifting: Examine the crane and load well before lifting. Confirm that the crane is functioning properly, and make sure to securely attach the load using the correct rigging methods.
  • Communication Channels: Set up clear communication channels from the crane operator to crew members and anyone in the lifting zone. Use hand signals and verbal communication to make sure everyone knows what is happening during the lifting process.
  • Designated Work Zones: Establish a definite work area around the crane’s operation section. No one except those with authorisation should enter this zone to decrease accident possibilities.
  • Site Preparation: Prepare the lifting site in advance. Make sure the ground is even and strong enough to handle the weight of the crane. Take away all items that might obstruct or prevent the smooth operation of the lifting process.


Maximise project efficiency during the construction season by following these effective tips. Plan ahead, carefully choose cranes, and optimise equipment usage. Prioritise safety through effective communication, designated work zones, and thorough pre-lift inspections. Collaborate with a reliable crane rental service provider that has a versatile fleet, trained operators, and excellent client support to successfully meet your construction goals and maintain progress throughout the demanding season.

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