Mobile cranes are extremely powerful and helpful pieces of equipment that can ensure the smooth completion of your construction project. The integration of advanced technologies has made cranes safer than ever. However, the ultimate safety of the construction project depends on how you operate it. It has been seen that most crane failures occur due to boom failure, overturned cranes, boom collapse, or dropped loads. Apart from this, failed rigging or crushing by counterweights can also cause fatal accidents. That’s why having proper safety measures in place is crucial, even if crane hire companies in Perth handle the operation at the site.

5 Crane Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents at Construction Sites

Cranes and other rigging devices and equipment should be handled according to safety guidelines. Only trained and certified professionals should handle these devices according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Adhering to the standard load capacity charts and having proper safety protocols are mandatory steps to ensure the safe and smooth completion of your construction project.

Essential Crane Safety Tips for Construction Sites

Even if you are hiring crane rental services, you should be aware of the safety precautions. Proper alertness can prevent accidents and keep all workers safe.

1. Select the Right Crane for the Job

Ensuring crane operation is only possible when you choose the right crane type. Generally, cranes suitable for construction projects are either mobile or fixed. Fixed cranes are ideal for industrial settings or tall construction projects. On the other hand, mobile cranes come in many varieties, such as crawler cranes, carry deck cranes, rough-terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes, and so on. There are dozens of crane types, and you should choose the most suitable one. If you have no experience, consult a reliable crane rental company. It will analyse your project requirements and the condition of the site, and then recommend the best crane type to ensure fast and smooth project acceleration.

2. Always Utilise Trained Personnel

When it comes to smooth crane operation, the operator needs to take care of a lot of things, including rigging, signalling, and so many other factors. Taking care of all these factors becomes possible only when the operator is properly trained and certified. Even some states have regulations in place that require only trained and certified individuals to be eligible to operate cranes on job sites. Ensure your crane rental company adheres to all regulations to ensure that only qualified personnel operating the crane are at the site at all times.

3. Perform Daily Operator Checks

Generally, leading crane rental companies have a daily inspection checklist to ensure that the crane is safe before operation. You should ask your preferred rental company about its pre-start checks, safety system checks, and engine start-up checks. Operators should check tire condition, oil levels, air reservoir, seat belts, battery condition, etc., to ensure everything is working fine and the crane is able to perform at a construction site.

When it comes to daily engine start-up checks, the operator should check the pressure gauge, fuel level, horn, suspension, turn signals, and brain system. If all of these components work fine, the operator can start the heavy lifting or the assigned job with confidence. Safety system checks are also important to prevent accidents. It’s important to evaluate the anti-two block, the rated capacity limiter, and the outriggers. Apart from this, hydraulic system checks are also useful to ensure utmost safety at the construction site. While hiring a crane rental service, you should discuss these matters and then finalise the deal.

4. Clear Obstacles from the Site

When it comes to accelerating a construction project with the help of cranes and related machinery, you have the proper action plan in place. Where you will keep the crane, the space where the crane will work, etc., should be planned accordingly. Hazards that you cannot move, such as powerlines or any other permanent features, should be avoided. The crane operator should maintain a safe distance at all times. Apart from this, there should be a signal person who will guide the crane during the move and alert the crane operator about potential hazards.

5. Rig the Load Correctly

To prevent objects from falling that could hurt site workers, proper rigging is essential. It’s important to consider various hitching techniques, such as choker and basket designs suited to the load and its weight distribution. Address the additional forces on slings when employing non-vertical angles; this calls for the appropriate rating of both weight and angle. Even with big and irregular loads, a secure lift can be ensured by a complete understanding of force dynamics, weight distribution, and rigging procedures. All these together can assure the stability and safety of the lifting operation.


Following all these safety measures can ensure the safety of all workers at your construction site. Whether it’s about the safety of workers or the smooth acceleration of the project, these measures should be an integral step when considering a crane rental service. If you have no prior experience working with cranes or don’t have enough time and resources to handle the safety checks, take the help of reliable crane hire companies in Perth. ABC Crane Hire is a popular crane rental destination that sends both well-maintained cranes and expert operators to keep the entire task hassle-free and safe for clients. It has a wide range of cranes in its fleet, and based on your requirements, you can easily rent the most suitable one.

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