Cranes stand as indispensable assets in the construction industry, helping you lift and move heavy materials. They are designed to provide a stable lifting platform, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety in various operations. However, opting to rent cranes rather than purchase them proves to be a more practical approach for many construction firms. This is because renting offers flexibility, allowing companies to select the right crane for specific projects without the burden of long-term ownership costs, including maintenance and storage. You know, among all the kinds of cranes that are available in the market, people often get confused between franna and all-terrain cranes. Both franna and all-terrain cranes in Perth are known for their high lifting capacity, making them suitable for handling heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Although both franna and all-terrain cranes are used for the same purpose, they have different capabilities, load capacities, and working radii. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major differences between them to help you choose the right crane.

Difference Between All-terrain Cranes & Franna Cranes
  • Benefits of Using All-terrain Cranes

Some of the top beneficial aspects of renting all-terrain cranes from a local crane hire company have been mentioned below.

Transports Loads Within a Short Radius: All-terrain cranes are designed to efficiently handle heavy loads within a relatively confined area. Their versatility allows them to navigate through construction sites and lift materials to various locations without the need for repositioning, making them highly efficient for tasks that require precision and quick turnarounds.

Can Be Driven on Public Roads at High Speeds: One of the significant advantages of all-terrain cranes is their ability to be driven on public roads at higher speeds compared to other types of cranes. This means they can be transported between job sites more quickly, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

Needs Minimal Set-up: These cranes are known for their relatively quick set-up time and require minimal preparation before they can be put into operation. This efficiency is particularly valuable in time-sensitive projects where swift mobilisation of equipment is crucial.

  • Advantages of Using Franna Cranes

There are various reasons why franna cranes are widely used in the construction industry. Some of them include:

Excellent Mobility: The compact design and versatile steering mechanisms of franna cranes allow them to maneuver through tight spaces and confined job sites with ease. This makes them an invaluable asset for projects where space constraints are a significant consideration.

Great Lifting Capacity: Despite their smaller size compared to some other crane types, franna cranes are capable of lifting substantial loads. They are well-suited for tasks that demand a combination of lifting power and precision load placement.

Can be Operated in Various Weather Conditions: Franna Cranes are engineered to operate efficiently in various weather conditions. This includes scenarios where weather elements like rain, wind, or moderate snow might pose challenges. Their adaptability to different weather situations makes them a reliable choice for construction projects that span across different seasons.

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  • Which Is the Right Crane for the Job?

When choosing between an all-terrain crane and a franna crane, the most important factor to consider is the requirements of your job. For instance, if you need to lift heavy loads without having to travel to remote locations, opting for an all-terrain crane is highly advisable. On the other hand, if you need a crane that can efficiently transport materials within a construction site and travel on public roads, then a franna crane might be the right choice.

Final Thoughts: Franna and all-terrain cranes are both great choices, but choosing between them depends on the specific demands of the construction project. All-Terrain Cranes offer immense lifting power and excel in varied terrains, while Franna Cranes are prized for their maneuverability and ease of setup, particularly in constrained spaces. Should you be in search of a reliable crane rental company that can provide you with the best cranes, reach out to ABC Crane Hire. Whether you need all-terrain cranes in Perth or any other type of crane, we provide access to newer and specialised models, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards. To book our services, call 08 9524 5502.

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