Cranes are an essential tool in many industries, as they are used for lifting and moving heavy loads, equipment, and materials. They can perform tasks that would otherwise require multiple workers, reducing the number of people required on a job site and increasing safety. Now, when it comes to using cranes, you have two options: buy the ones you need for your project or hire them from a crane rental company. However, given the cost and maintenance charges, it’s always a wise decision to rent cranes. When you hire cranes from a company providing services for crane hire in Perth or elsewhere, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs.

Today, there are various types of cranes available for you to choose from. However, a lot of industries prefer rough terrain cranes over other types. Rough terrain cranes are designed to operate in extremely rough and uneven terrain conditions. They have large tires and a powerful engines that allow them to traverse difficult terrain. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top industries where they’re utilised the most.

Industries That Utilise Rough TerrainCranes the Most

Because of their versatility, rough terrain cranes are used in many different industries. Some of them have been mentioned below.

#1 Construction Industry

The construction industry often requires the use of rough terrain cranes due to the nature of its operations. Construction sites are often characterised by uneven and challenging terrain, making it necessary to have cranes specifically designed for off-road conditions. They also excel at navigating construction sites with their robust tires, strong suspension systems, and high-ground clearance. They can maneuver through rugged landscapes, handle heavy loads, and perform lifting tasks efficiently, making them indispensable in various construction projects.

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#2 Oil &Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry operates in diverse and often remote locations, including offshore sites and harsh terrain. Rough terrain cranes are well-suited for these environments as they are designed to handle challenging off-road conditions.

Moreover, maintenance and repair activities in the oil and gas industry also rely heavily on cranes. Rough terrain cranes are used to lift and move heavy equipment and materials needed for maintenance and repair activities.

#3 Shipping & Port BuildingIndustry

Rough terrain cranes play a crucial role in the shipping and port-building industries. They are commonly used for the construction and maintenance of ports, harbours, and container terminals. These cranes are capable of lifting and moving heavy cargo, containers, and shipping equipment in rugged terrain near shorelines.

However, as cranes can cause significant damage or injury if not operated or maintained properly, it’s important that they are inspected carefully. So, whether you are planning to rent a crane from a company providing services for crane hire in Perth or elsewhere or buy it, make sure that it’s in proper working condition.

#4 Wind Farms

Wind farms are typically located in remote and challenging terrain, such as hilly areas or coastal regions. Rough terrain cranes are extensively utilised during the construction, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines. They can navigate through rough landscapes, including unpaved roads and uneven surfaces, to transport heavy wind turbine components such as tower sections, nacelles, and blades. The manoeuvrability, stability, and lifting capacity of rough terrain cranes makes them indispensable for wind farm construction and ongoing operations.

#5 Mining Industry

The mining industry often operates in remote areas with demanding terrains that require specialised equipment like rough terrain cranes. These cranes are used in mining operations for tasks such as equipment maintenance, material handling, and infrastructure construction. They can access rugged mining sites, transport heavy machinery and materials, and facilitate safe and efficient operations.

Final Thoughts

As rough terrain cranes can be used in all kinds of terrain, whether rugged or smooth, they are widely utilised in various industries. Should you be looking for a crane rental company that offers optimal services for crane hire in Perth, reach out to ABC Crane Hire. With more than 17 years of experience in the field, we provide a wide range of cranes at cost-effective rates. To know more about our services, call 08 9524 5502 or visit ABC Crane Hire.

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