The role of cranes in various industries can’t be overlooked. Whether you are looking to reduce your project completion time or ease your construction activities, cranes are one of the first pieces of equipment that come to mind. But, you know, instead of buying cranes, engaging crane rental services is much more beneficial. How so? Well, let’s say you have undertaken a construction project in Port Kennedy and need cranes. Here, hiring services for crane hire in Port Kennedy would be a smart decision, as it will not only eliminate the need for storage but also help you save money on repairs and maintenance. Added to that, some more beneficial aspects of engaging crane rental services include a wide range of cranes, professional operators, and the maintenance of safety standards and rules among others. Having said that, although there are numerous types of cranes tailored to meet your lifting requirements, one of the most sought-after cranes used in the construction field is an all-terrain crane

All-terrain cranes are manufactured to handle various kinds of terrain, under different weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for off-road or rough terrain applications. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common applications of all-terrain cranes.

Most Common Applications of All-terrain Cranes.

4 Most Common Applications of All-terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are used for various purposes. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • Construction of Windmills

To reach better winds, many wind turbines are placed in mountainous areas, which makes the installation even more arduous as you need sturdy equipment to handle the rough terrain as well as the isolated location. All-terrain cranes have the capacity to travel on difficult terrain. They can easily lift material to the top of the turbine’s towers, which are usually over 200 feet tall.

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  • Lifting Heavy & Large Agricultural Items

When it comes to loading and unloading heavy equipment and large agricultural items, all-terrain cranes are widely used. They can be used on both rough and smooth terrain, which allows for greater precision and can increase productivity.

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  • Installation of Oil and Gas Pipelines

As you might already know that oil and gas pipelines cover long distances. And along the way, there can be areas where the terrain is not smooth, which could make it extremely difficult for some types of cranes to work. All-terrain cranes, however, have multiple axles, which makes it possible to install the oil and gas pipelines efficiently without any hassle. They are extremely mobile in both rough and smooth terrains and can easily lift and move heavy loads, such as equipment and pipelines, with ease.

Wrapping Up

All-terrain cranes are undoubtedly the first choice if you have to work at remote construction sites with no road access. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, these cranes have wide and varied applications, such as the lifting of heavy pre-cast concrete panels, and the installation of swimming pools, among others. Now, should you be in search of a company that provides the best services for crane hire in Port Kennedycontact us. At ABC Crane Hire, we offer a wide range of crane rental services at reasonable rates. To know more about our services, call us at (08)95245502.

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