Lifting and transporting heavy materials like bridge beams, locomotives or mining equipment have all become easier. The construction industry is leveraging cranes, the most effective and useful machinery designed to meet heavy lifting requirements. A crane is undoubtedly a versatile piece of equipment that is also used in other industrial sectors like forestry, transport, mining and cargo. However, the construction industry is the clear winner when it comes to making the most of this powerful machinery and the reason is simple. It is the only industry that is extensively involved in lifting and transporting heavyweights. And among all the types of cranes that are available today, all terrain cranes in Perth have gained much prominence not without any reason.

All-terrain cranes are ideal for projects that require lifting equipment which are dynamic, mobile as well as can perform heavy lifting without a hitch. If you are still on the fence whether hiring an all terrain crane would be the best choice for your project, don’t think hard. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few reasons why using an all-terrain crane spells success for your construction project.

Advantages of Employing an All-terrain Crane

1.Mobility: Self-explanatory from the name itself, all-terrain cranes possess the ability to move through gravel, sand and any kind of terrain and complete construction tasks. It is incorporated with an all-wheel steering suspension system that enables the machine to navigate through all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, these cranes are mounted on specially adapted trucks. As a result, even if your construction site is in the most remote location where no other crane can access it, an all-terrain crane will get your work done most efficiently at a faster pace.

2.Speed: All-terrain cranes have just the right kind of speed you need to complete your project within a stipulated timeline. With speeds sometimes going up to 55 mph, all-terrain cranes can reach a construction site with minimum or no difficulty. When selecting a crane type, it is important to make sure that getting it to the site shouldn’t b a strenuous affair; all-terrain cranes in Perth or elsewhere not only reach sites independently but can also be operated with the required speed.

3.Excellent lifting capacity: Did you know that it is easier and more convenient to set up an all-terrain crane than other types of crane? Thanks to the integrated booms which form an integral part of this type of crane. With the benefits of self-rigging, reduced transportation expense and decreased erection, most all-terrain cranes have one cylinder and four section boom. The benefit? The operator can extend only the portion that caters to the lifting operation specifically (and not the entire crane). Not to forget, all-terrain cranes are also integrated with a highly resistant jib ideal for two hook operations. Due to such robust features, all-terrain cranes enjoy a lifting capacity that ranges between 50-1000 tones and can reach up to 150 meters high from the ground.

Conclusion: If there is any crane that can be used on various ground surfaces and weather conditions, it is all-terrain cranes. With a robust lifting capacity, excellent off-road mobility and fast speed, all-terrain cranes in Perth have the winning combination of features required to perform a construction task in the most stress-free, organized and efficient manner. ABC Crane Hire is a notable company offering tailored crane rental services in Perth. Our fleet comprises the latest all-terrain as well as other types of cranes ideal for meeting all kinds of heavy lifting requirements. To know more, call us on 0895245502 or send an e-mail at

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