The role of cranes in the construction industry has been a powerful one for several decades now. Whether you’re constructing a high-rise of a four-storey apartment, you are required to lift and transport various types of heavy materials like concrete, bricks, steel, bearing walls, foundations and more. Imagine lifting all these without the modern cranes! Perhaps, you would have to go back to the ancient times when heavy materials were lifted using ramps made of mud bricks. Fortunately, now, you have the most advanced cranes designed to suit your lifting requirements specifically. It’s no secret that an alternative to purchasing cranes is hiring professional shutdown crane services in Perth.

You can find a wide range of lifting solutions from a reliable shutdown crane service company. From all-terrain cranes to small hoists, cranes with large or moderate lifting capacities, you can hire any type of crane required without breaking the bank.

Let’s delve deeper and find out the feasibility of hiring shutdown crane services.

Best Reasons to Opt for Shutdown Crane Services in Perth

  1. Save money: This is the most important reason why construction companies prefer to hire a crane. If you have one or two projects in a year, hiring a crane makes complete sense as it helps you save thousands of dollars in return. No maintenance cost, no paying for storage, repair or anything else. Hire a crane as and when required and just pay a very reasonable rental charge.
  • You get licensed operator: Your team may not have a trained professional to operate a crane. No worries! On picking a reliable Mandurah crane hire company, you not only get the crane equipment you need but also a licensed and well-trained crane operator. The crane is operated by a professional who has the necessary skills, training and certification to address any kind of emergencies and operate a crane in the safest possible way. As a result, you don’t have to spend any money on hiring or training any staff member.
  • Get access to the appropriate equipment: Partnering with a crane rental company allows you to get the type of crane that’s best suited for a particular job. If the crane rental company maintains a diverse fleet of cranes, then there’s nothing like it! You might need a mobile crane now and a truck-mounted crane a week later. You can hire both easily from the same shutdown crane hire company. This, in turn, adds efficiency to your work, cuts down extra cost and of course, saves you time.
  • Enhanced safety of the job site: When you rent a crane from a reputable rental agency, you also enhance the safety of your surrounding and your employees. The reasons are simple.
  • You get the right crane for the right job
  • The cranes are serviced and maintained regularly
  • Cranes are operated by licensed and trained operators

Thus, there are reduced risks of serious injuries, crane accidents, mishaps or safety violations.

  • A faster way to exchange equipment: Shutdown crane services in Perth are also notable for adopting a flexible approach. You might need a different kind of crane to address an unforeseen challenge. But the question is how quickly can you get the required crane for the job? That’s when a professional crane rental company comes to play! You can choose from the plethora of crane models and get back to work without wasting time or compromising safety.

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